Books I’ve Read

Hey hey! Here’s some of the books I’ve read since my A-Levels exam ended. 

Pretties by Scott Westerfield

I’ve read Uglies (the first book in this series, Pretties is the second) a long, long time ago, and I was very excited to read the continuation of the story. However, the time gap between my reading of Uglies and Pretties was too big; hence my hype for it was dimmed. Still, it was a good read with the plot twisting with every turn of the page. Get all the books in this series and read ’em all at one go! I’m sure you’ll be left feeling as breathless as I did when I finished the Divergent series (don’t ask, I still feel the need to visit online support groups after Allegiant).

Goodreads link here:

Confessions of A Murder Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

I actually read Confessions: The Private School Murders which was the book written after this. I didn’t know that then, but after reading The Private School Murders, I knew that I had to get the prequel. James Patterson’s style of writing just hooks you in from the very first page, and I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced, contemporary beat of it. Highly recommend these two!

Goodreads link here:

Indelible by Karin Slaughter

I was reading this during my free time at my part-time job and someone I knew came up to me. He glanced at the cover and said, “Wow. Slaughter, huh? What a morbid title.”

Back to the book, I picked up another work of Karin’s as I’ve read Genesis, and though it was thoroughly disturbing, it was intriguing and compelling to read. Indelible wasn’t as graphic (or at least that’s how I felt) but it did the job for a crime story. The difference in POVs was a little confusing at first, as there were details from both time periods that needed to be paid attention to; but the mystery was cleared up soon after.

Goodreads link here:

The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather by Alexandra Potter

What can I say? It was pretty decent for a contemporary chick-lit read. Light-hearted with sprinkles of romance and self-discovery, this book was a good one to unwind and relax with. 

Goodreads link here:

That’s as much as I can update for now. Going to catch up on my Once Upon A Time marathon!


Books I’ve Read

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