Fishes & Trees

So, I went to Aquaria KLCC with some college friends on Wednesday. It was a highly anticipated trip (for me, at least) and the day started with us taking the train downtown to meet with the rest. Grabbed lunch, caught up with each other and stepped into the aquarium!

Note: I didn’t take as much good quality photos as I would’ve liked, but oh well. 

No, the fishes on top aren’t dead. 

For some reason, fishes fascinate and terrify me. They seem so… distant compared to cats and dogs in an emotional sense. You can guess if a dog was happy, angry or sad but a fish? Still possible, but much harder. I’m sure fish enthusiasts would disagree, however! Loved the fishes and other aquatic animals, though I wished there were more interactive exhibits. Hoped the others enjoyed it as well! 

After the glorious fishes, we visited the park outside of KLCC and it was beautiful. The weather was just right for a stroll and we thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream in the midst of the greenery 🙂

We caught the train back during rush hour and by then, the adrenaline (or excitement) was ebbing away. Standing in a packed train when you’re tired isn’t the nicest thing (leg muscles, where art thou?). However, we all made it back in one piece & savored a beautiful sunset on the way home. 

I promise that I will try my best to capture more memories in photographs next time! Always something that takes time getting used to, but it’s worth it.

Till we meet again, 


Fishes & Trees

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