Melancholic Stuff Ahead – Beware!

It’s not easy to be the one leaving, nor is it to be the one left behind.

I’m talking about friendships. More specifically, when students leave their home country, traveling hundreds sometimes thousands of miles to seek education abroad. We leave behind family, friends and the sense of familiarity.

Yes, there are things like Skype and FaceTime which makes the distance in-between seem that much smaller. You get to see their faces in real time, hearing them laugh along with you as you relay the embarrassing moments of you living out your new life in a new place, learning the ropes as you go along. But when the Internet lags or when your video call crashes, you sigh inwardly as you get reminded of how you’re here and they’re there.

Things like Facebook and Instagram are amazing tools to bridge the gap between people. It’s heartwarming to see pictures of so-and-so’s birthday celebration or to see so-and-so’s new dog/cat. I honestly love seeing (and hearing) of how my friends are doing and seeing them get ever so closer to achieving their goals and dreams. However, sometimes it pains me a little inside when I can’t be there to bring a friend out on her special day or to give a much needed hug when tragedy strikes.

Looking back after finishing my first year of university, it’s safe to say that whilst the people back home have changed (some slightly, for others – a whole lot), I myself have also changed. We’re all growing up, constantly fitting and molding into our own different characters. And that’s not always a bad thing. The tiny pinch of seeing your friends from home live out their lives from a distance is equalized with the joy of making new friendships and experiencing different cultures.

It’s not healthy to be constantly focused on the bad and neglect the good.

I’m feeling all sorts of melancholic tonight and this is the result of it! Maybe one day I’ll expand on this a little more, maybe not. I decided to just write my feelings out, no plans of what direction it would lead to.

Some days I feel like mushing all of my old and new friends together and giving them a big hug and never leaving that comfort zone.
Some days I’m glad that I’ve ventured out onto new pastures and I feel a tiny bit braver than I did the day before.

Either way, I love the friends I have both then and now and appreciate the time we all have together even more.

Whee, I didn’t expect that to come out! Did you?

That is all, I feel satisfied. Goodnight and I will write again soon, I promise. heh.

Melancholic Stuff Ahead – Beware!

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