Hi you! Yes, you lovely person. Let’s sit down for a cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee and have a little catch-up, shall we?

Easter came and went. It was a nice time to relax amidst the preparation for exams (which are actually happening now, heh). Another major plus was that the sun finally showed itself in its bright blazing glory. I think we had a solid week of good weather which felt lovely. Being a first-timer in experiencing Britain’s seasons, I couldn’t quite catch how gloomy and dreary the days were in winter until spring rolled around and brought the sun with it. Spent a fair amount of time basking in the sun and playing frisbee 🙂

A couple of friends swung by Bath to visit as well, so here are a few shots I got throughout the weekend!
Tried Shakshuka at The Jazz Cafe for the first time and it was delish!
Brought them to the Roman Baths and we got to attend a snippet of an evening service in the Bath Abbey.
Was craving some bagel action so I brought them to The Whole Bagel! We were all first-time customers and left feeling quite satisfied.
(I can’t remember what I got – possibly the pulled pork? Both of my friends got the smoked salmon.)


We also popped by Jacob’s Coffee House & got cakes and scones to share amongst ourselves. 
Brought them to The Circus and The Royal Crescent – the usual tourist haunts! 🙂
Stumbled upon the Botanical Gardens near Royal Victoria Park and we thought we’ll have a look around….
Before leaving, those two got me a sneaky Lush gift! So blessed with the friends that I have D;


The clock is now showing 2:43am; time for bed! Plenty of exciting things (at least to me) to come on this space – keep an eye out for them soon!

And thanks for sticking around till the end, you da best.

No really, you DA best. 
Okay I’ll stop now.